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Sub Letting with Stephils

If you are wanting to Sublet your Caravan then we are here to help anyway we can. Subletting your caravan with Stephils will take all the stress from yourselves so all you have to do is sit & relax while we do all the work for you. We live close to Butlin’s so always on hand.

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Sub-letting works like this.

Advertising your caravan and dealing with potential customers can be very time consuming. We will deal with all aspects of letting your caravan giving you more time to yourself. Our services include:

Customer enquiries
Payment of passes
Supplying bedding
Arranging cleaning

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How we advertise your caravan.

We have websites and your caravan will be advertised on all of them.
We also work with lots of people who help to advertise how websites etc google, bing, yahoo we invest a lot of money into doing this.
We put adverts on facebook very regular and also other websites through which we advertise.
Business cards and leaflets are another way in which we promote our business.

How do I receive my payment.

You will receive payment first week of the month for bookings took month before minus commission-sublet passes-cleaning costs all on a full months statement with all deductions made leaving you with the total due to you which I transfer into your bank.

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Sub-letting your caravan with Stephils takes the strain from yourselves. You don't pay a penny unless we book out your caravan. Our fee is a commission of your rental income.

Our commission rate is just 12% per booking we get for you plus cleaning costs and passes we have to pay for that booking. We do our own bed linen hire service so that don’t cost you anything.

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If you wish to discuss the possibility of sub-letting your caravan please contact

Steph on Skegness 01754481529 or 07985211613 or email


We have just come back from 5 days at Butlins Skegness. Our children (aged 5 and 8) had a brilliant time. So much to do, you can't beat it! My only slight negative was the long queues for the shows. Some people were queueing for 3-4 hours!! Due to the high demand for the shows, sometimes it is hard to see the stage, and a quite a number of people had to stand. Totally understand this is a tricky one to resolve though. The swimming pool is great, and having the beach on site is perfect!! We had the food court dining plan, plenty of food and generally tasty - lots of choice for picky eaters! 


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